Tom Delame

About me

I have a strong passion for computer graphics, programming, and solving challenging problems. Most of my work focuses on bridging the gap between the general public and computers thanks to intuitive interfaces and real-time solutions.

After a Ph.D. and a post-doc, both in computer graphics, I joined in December 2016 a french company named Mercenaries Engineering founded by Benjamin Legros and Cyril Corvazier. Benjamin and Cyril put me in charge of developing, improving, and optimizing many core parts of Rumba, a 3D animation software. It was a great opportunity, I have learned so much in a short amount of time.

In February 2020, I started to write bots and game AI for fun. I must say that such a hobby kept me busy and happy during the multiple confinements we had in France due to Covid19 😄.

In March 2021, I joined Epic Games to work on Twinmotion. My responsibilities are similar to when I worked on Rumba, except now it's for the AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction) and product design industries.

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About this site

During my Ph.D. and my post-doc, I gave many lessons in Computer Science and Computer Graphics. I enjoyed transmitting my knowledge to students. I also liked to teach because it encouraged me to deepen my understanding and communicate efficiently. Since I do not teach anymore in universities, I wanted to write articles instead.

I am not a web developer, as you may tell by the actual look of the website. I have a lot of respect for those who can easily set up the appearance and behavior of elements on a webpage - this is not my case. In the past, I gave up writing articles because I could not produce a website that looks good. This time, I decided not to bother too much about the appearance but focus on the content. So please, be indulgent (⌒_⌒;).

I intend to post articles about the various bot I developed (e.g., those on the CodinGame platform). I may also write articles on other subjects as I currently have many topics ideas in mind.